Our Process – Your Dream Home

Building a new home is a large undertaking and at times the thought of the building process can feel overwhelming. Communication is one of the most important parts of ensuring a successful relationship. With everyone’s busy schedule, we pride ourselves on always being available to discuss scheduling, progress, and concerns. This communication starts at the very beginning and follows through to the end. By entrusting us you will have our full attention at all times and together we will make your dream a reality.

After years of experience we have refined our process and in doing so we make sure all of your questions are answered.



    As with any project, building a custom home starts with understanding the customer’s expectations, wants and desires. This begins with an initial meeting that can take place at the lot, the office or other agreed upon location or may even begin as a phone call. It is at this stage that together we will begin to define your project. We will discuss the things listed below and start to refine the information needed to begin the quotation process. This may require more than one meeting depending on how far into the process you are with regard to house plans.

    • Location
    • Timing
    • Plans
    • Cost
    • Amenities
    • Allowances


    A good set of plans gets this phase started but is far from what is needed to fully define your project. Whether you already have completed plans or would like Action to assist you in developing your ideas into a workable set of plans, it is this design process that many of the specifics of the house will start to be formulated. The exact square footage, finished and unfinished space defined, exterior finishes and design features, as well as decks, porches, walk and driveways.
    From the plans and further communication with the homeowner, a set of specifications are created from which the cost is then calculated and a quote price is provided. Specifications will include but are not limited to the following:

    • Lot Preparation
    • Foundation
    • Construction materials
    • Floor Wall and Roof Systems
    • Plumbing
    • Electrical
    • Lighting
    • Flooring
    • Cabinets and Countertops
    • Hardware
    • Interior and Exterior trim
    • Windows and Doors
    • Gutters and Drainage
    • HVAC
    • Concrete garage, patios, porches, walks and drives
    • Landscaping
    • Options

    Once all these things are fully defined, they are documented in a signed contract. In addition to the specification and price the contract will also define the estimated completion timing, down payment and payment draws through completion and the warranty terms and conditions. And since there are usually recommendations and changes which arise as the project continues, from this point on, any changes or additions will be documented in writing prior to work being done.



    This is where the work gets planned and executed to meet the milestone timing and ultimately the expected move in date. The project is broken down into following phases and Inspections…

    • Prepare the Lot and pour the foundation
    • INSPECTION-Foundation
    • Rough Framing – floors,walls and roof systems,sheathing,windows and exterior doors are installed
    • After the roof goes on the house is considered “dried in”
    • Rough Plumbing, Electrical and HVAC
    • INSPECTION – Framing, Electrical and Mechanical
    • Insulation Installation
    • Drywall Installation and Interior Textures, start exterior Finishes
    • Finish interior trim; install exterior driveways and walkways
    • Install hard-surface flooring and countertops; complete exterior grading
    • Finish mechanical trims; install bathroom fixtures
    • Install mirrors, shower doors and finish flooring; finish exterior landscaping
    • INSPECTION -final building code inspection – Certificate of Occupancy (CO)


    While your new home is complete at this time and has passed the required inspections of the building and codes department, there is still the “final walkthrough”. This is the most critical and important inspection conducted by you the homeowner. So the Project starts and ends with the “Voice of the Customer” and we are confident that all your expectations will be satisfied. We will take you through your new home to acquaint you with its features and the operation of various systems and components and allow you to identify any items that need to be corrected or adjusted.

    Our goal is to provide superior customer service and quality, and for you to be completely satisfied, not only with the finished product, but with our relationship throughout the entire construction of your new home. Our knowledge, experience and attention to detail has allowed us to grow our business and has given us the opportunity to not only build dreams but to build relationships. We look forward to working with you.

    As it says in Our Mission, it is our goal to obtain referral based business from satisfied homeowners. If you would like to see what other people think of our process and work, be sure to view testimonials from other satisfied homeowners.



    Action Construction (Steve Sutton, builder) Review and Recommendation Steve builds an excellent house. We have enjoyed every minute of the five years we have lived here. We have not had any problems related to the construction or quality of the home. It is our WOW! house, and the quality shows throughout.

    As a general contractor, Steve showed attention to detail and made sure his subcontractors were held to the same high standard. Steve doesn’t cut corners…it has to be right. He did many upgrades we hadn’t even thought about and weren’t expecting. He said he could not have been satisfied with the result otherwise.

    Steve built our home while we were living in Western New York. In spite of the distance, the project went well. Steve would call when he had questions or when decisions needed to be made. Arlene Sutton (our designer) would email drawing updates for us to edit and review. They were a good team who listened well and easily integrated our ideas into the plans. At the same time, they made really good suggestions that resulted in a more attractive and functional home.

    We prepared a very complete specification and contract which we used to get quotes for builder selection. Steve won the contract because of his competitive price.

    We are pleased he was our builder, and would encourage other prospective home buyers to consider having Steve build their new home.

    Carol and Randy Cooper 11/2/2015

    Having owned some 16 different homes since 1976, my wife and I were looking to purchase a quality custom home where we could retire to. We were impressed from the very first showing of the Action Construction home located in Anderson, SC. All aspect from foundation, framing, brick work, windows, interior/exterior trim, Heat/Air System, Plumbing, Septic System, Roofing, Grannent Counter tops, Custom Cabinets, Flooring and Tile Work, yes, ALL ASPECTS of this home was of superior quality and workmanship. We have lived in this home for going on nine years and have not encountered a problem due to workmanship or the materials used. Action Construction has managed to exceed our expectations. Rare these days.

    Robert and Mary McCarty

    Anderson, SC